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  • Five Under-Appreciated Robin Williams Roles

    Five Under-Appreciated Robin Williams Roles

    It’s no secret that Robin Williams was greatly loved as an actor and a person. That was abundantly clear from the number of heartfelt and funny tributes about the actor that went out in the wake of his death. Lots of remembrances were passed around, many of which focused on his roles in Mork and Mindy, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Good Morning, Vietnam, The Fisher King, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, and Aladdin. What was missed in people recalling their […]

  • Yahoo! Releases Community Season Six Trailer

    Yahoo! Releases Community Season Six Trailer

    Community Season Six has released a trailer for the upcoming Yahoo! This trailer is confusing, I think it should be: Yahoo! has released a trailer for Community Season Six. Though, it’s admittedly tough to decipher who is advertising who here. The trailer doesn’t feature any new footage, but is more of a clip show from the first five seasons to make sure you know that Yahoo! has rescued our beloved Community. The show, which has long promised six seasons and […]

  • Martellus Bennett Explains Football To Pete Holmes

    Martellus Bennett Explains Football To Pete Holmes

    Chicago Bears TE Martellus Bennett stopped the Pete Holmes Show — which TBS recently announced it is canceling — on Friday. Bennett talked to Holmes about his nickname (The Black Unicorn), why wearing five baby Jesus chains is too many, and how many books on your coffee table is the sweet spot. But the golden moment of the interview comes a little later when Holmes reveals he doesn’t know anything about football and has Bennett attempt to explain it to […]

  • Great Quotes of the 21st Century

    Great Quotes of the 21st Century

    There are great quotes, there are timeless quotes, and there are significant quotes. In order to be timeless, a quote must speak to something universal about the human condition, and do it with style and economy. It cannot be moored to relics of the era in which it was written or said; it must apply, word for word, as much today and a century from now as it did when it was uttered. My go-to timeless quote is from Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth […]

  • Did John Oliver Crash The FCC Website?

    John Oliver implores viewers to go to the FCC website.

    John Oliver may have crashed the FCC website on Monday. In Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight — his new HBO-based program — he spent a lot of time talking about Net Neutrality and proposed FCC rule changes that would essentially allow ISPs to slow down web traffic to targeted sites. Most see this as Oliver does, creating a “slow lane” and a “fast lane,” but a telecommunications lawyer quoted in the segment  gives it the corporate turn saying that he’d […]

  • All The X-Men Movies In 3 Minutes

    All The X-Men Movies In 3 Minutes

    With X-Men: Days of Future Past opening on Friday it’s a good time to address the fact that the six X-Men movies that are out are kind of confusing and most people are unsure how many of them they’ve seen. Let’s answer a few of the pressing questions: – There were two Wolverine movies? – Yup. People love Hugh Jackman. Unless it’s Hugh Jackman in Real Steel or Australia. – Days of Future Past isn’t the one that’s already out that took place […]